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Join other holistic-minded business owners in building a business that you love.



Indulge in 10 Weeks of Business 101 where we focus on the business basics that will get you tangible results + loyal clients.


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Build a Successful Business from the Ground Up.

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The Health + Wellness Business Bootcamp is perfect for you if:

You're transitioning from a career in healthcare to building a sustainable business in your area of expertise

You're a holistic health practitioner with a growing practice. You know you need to make a change in your business because your pre-COVID-19 way of doing business isn't working.

You already have a business but want to fill in gaps in your knowledge base so that you can build a successful business based on sound business principles.



Indulge in LIVE, interactive VIRTUAL trainings throughout the 10 weeks. Learn from Guest Experts on Relevant Topics. Access the Business Bootcamp portal recordings + resources when it works best for you.

Results you can expect (when you do the work):

  • Grow your email list even if you currently have a small audience
  • Define your effective marketing plan that doesn't require hours on Facebook
  • Leverage your Niche to attract your ideal clients
  • Create a compelling offer that converts
  • Create your Sustainable Networking Strategy that leads to qualified referrals + new business opportunities
  • Map out a duplicatable process for on-boarding new clients and customers
  • Learn how to Reverse Engineer key tasks in your business so you don't feel so overwhelmed all the time
  • Increase the cash flow >>> into <<< your business instead of (out of) your business
  • Learn how to fuel a positive, productive mindset, regardless of your current circumstances
  • Start charging what you're worth


Designed for holistic-minded women in business + female entrepreneurs

Opens December 21, 2021 and runs through March 3, 2022.

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WEEK 1: Networking 101 + Lead Generation Strategies for Your Unique Business

WEEK 2: Effective Email Marketing + Copywriting Tips for Your Business

WEEK 3: Marketing that actually Resonates with your Ideal Client

WEEK 4: Seamless Client Onboarding that Turns one-time Clients into Repeat Clients

WEEK 5: Mindset + Mantras for Your Roadblocks + Resistance

WEEK 6: Mastering the Heart-Centered Sales Conversation

WEEK 7: Goal Setting, Tracking Your Progress, + Measuring ROI

WEEK 8: Creating an Offer you Can't Wait to Sell

WEEK 9: Crafting Contracts + Stating Your Promise

WEEK 10: Your Sustainable Service-Delivery Process

Meet Your Instructor

Elizabeth Summers, RN, BSN

Founder of Holistic Business Collaborative

Elizabeth is a nurse-by-trade turned entrepreneur with a passion for connecting like-minded business owners. As a wellness business owner, she experienced first-hand the struggles health and wellness business owners face in generating quality referrals in traditional networking groups.

In 2020 she founded the Holistic Business Collaborative (HBC), a virtual Membership for holistic health practitioners and women in business to collaborate, connect, and grow. She helps women in business increase their Networks and their Net Worth through programs such as the Health + Wellness Business Bootcamp and her private Coaching packages.


Dana's Testimonial

"The business bootcamp has taught me so many essential marketing tools that are easy to use once you put them into practice. Liz has made me feel empowered and confident that I can attract the clients I want. I highly recommend the business bootcamp to anyone who is looking to learn insightful marketing skills, revamp your brand, or needs a boost of confidence when it comes to running your business."

Dana Stokes | 2020 Business Bootcamp Participant + HBC Member | Founder of Earth Bound Births

Ashley's Testimonial

“I’m Ashley, the Owner and Licensed Acupuncturist of Wildflower Traditional Chinese Medicine down in Mankato. I work with individuals seeking pain and stress relief with a special focus on women, primarily those who are pregnant, wanting to be pregnant, and their families….  

Ashley Blaine, L.Ac | 2020 Business Bootcamp Participant + HBC Member | Owner of Wildflower TCM

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